Main Menu

The Main Menu gathers classic File, Import/Export and Help features.

In Akeytsu you can create or open as much files (or scenes) as you want simultaneously. They are displayed as docked tabs to the software top edge ().

Now let's discover the Main Menu different commands:

  • New Scene - Create a new empty scene
  • Open Scene... - Open an existing scene.
  • Close Scene - Close the current scene.
  • Recent Scenes - Display a list of recently saved scenes. Click on an entry to open it.
  • Save Scene - Save the current scene.

  • Save Scene As... - Save the current scene with name and path to be determined by the user.
  • Import... - Import an FBX/OBJ/Collada file into the current scene.
  • Export FBX... - The current entry leads to different FBX export modes:
    • Export Scene: This is the standard export as it exports each object in the scene and all the animations.
    • Export Scene (only selected animations): The Tree content is exported with only the selected animation(s) in the Anim Bank for the current Character. Other characters are exported without animation.
    • Export Selection: Only objects selected in the Tree and their descendants are exported. If a character is selected, all its animations will be exported.
    • Export Selection (only selected animations): Only objects selected in the tree and their (selected) descendants and selected animations are exported. If an animation is selected but the linked skeleton is not, the animation won’t be exported.

  • Export to Sketchfab... - Allow you to login to your Sketchfab account (or create one if necessary) and then export directly your animation(s) into Sketchfab.
  • UndoDisplay the list of last actions. Click on an action to undo it and the following ones.
  • Redo - Display the list of last undone actions. Click on an action to redo it and the previous ones. 
  • Help - Access to the Help Menu displaying:
    • Manual and FAQ: Link to Akeytsu manual documentation and FAQ
    • Tutorials: Link to our video tutorial page
    • Home Page: Link to Nukeygara website
    • License: Open the "License" window.
      • The "License" window is the dialog where you enter/activate your Akeytsu license.
      • The "Manage License" command leads to the Signin/Login page on Nukeygara website in order to access the License management page in your account.
    • About: Informations about your Akeytsu version
  • Quit - Close Akeytsu. You will be prompted with a dialog box to handle unsaved modified files if there are any.