Main Menu

The Main Menu gathers classic File, Import/Export and Help features.

How do i open the Main Menu?

This menu is available in the top left corner by clicking on the Akeytsu logo.

In Akeytsu you can create or open as many files (or scenes) as you want simultaneously. They are displayed as docked tabs to the software top edge ().

Now let's discover the Main Menu different commands:

  • New Scene - Create a new empty scene
  • Open Scene... - Open an existing scene.

Discover Akeytsu with demo characters !

Please use our Akeyboy, e-LysE, SkySurfer, Petrus Taurus, and/or Sphero file (model and animations) to discover how Akeytsu works. You can open these files via the Welcome window or by clicking on Main Menu -> Help -> Rigged Test Characters
  • Close Scene - Close the current scene.
  • Recent Scenes - Display a list of recently saved scenes. Click on an entry to open it.
  • Save Scene - Save the current scene.

AKT file format

Saved data uses the Akeytsu proprietary file format: AKT format.

About save/import/Export paths

Since Akeytsu 2019-2-1 : Save path location is the path where the file was loaded from. Similarly, export FBX path is deduced from FBX import

  • Save Scene As... - Save the current scene with name and path to be determined by the user.
  • Import... - Import an AKT/FBX/OBJ/DAE(Collada)/BVH file into the current scene.

FBX and AKT file format only

About import/export format files, Akeytsu only imports FBX/OBJ/Collada and exports only FBX file at the moment. Other standard formats are planned in the future
If you need to create a cinematic scene, you can also import your AKT files in the scene (Akeytsu proprietary file format). Importing in AKT will preserve control rig (IK/RF/FaceShapeControlers/SpaceSwitch definitions) and AnimBank with all anim layers, sound...etc 

  • Export FBX... - The current entry leads to the Export Settings window. More details here : Export Settings 
  • Export to Sketchfab... - Allows you to log in to your Sketchfab account (or create one if necessary) and then export directly your animation(s) into Sketchfab.
  • UndoDisplays the list of last actions. Click on an action to undo it and the following ones.
  • Redo - Displays the list of last undone actions. Click on an action to redo it and the previous ones. 

Undo/Redo Options

Into the general preferences, you can set the Undo Redo maximum action count. It is set by default to 100 actions.

  • Help - Access to the Help Menu displaying:
    • Manual and FAQ: Link to Akeytsu Documentation and FAQ
    • Tutorials: Links to our video tutorial page
    • Rigged Test Characters: leads to additional install folder where demo characters are stored
    • Home Page: Links to Nukeygara website
    • Forum/Bug Report: Links to Akeytsu Official forum (A discord is also here for quick help/hang out with community
    • License: Opens up the "License" window.
      • The "License" window is the dialog where you enter/activate your Akeytsu license.
      • The "Manage License" command leads to the Sign in/Log in page on Nukeygara website in order to access the License management page in your account.
    • Check for updates: Prompts Akeytsu to compare your installed version with the current official build. If you're not up-to-date, you'll be able to launch a download directly. Then, install the software as usual
    • About: Information about your Akeytsu version and Nukeygara team/software contributors credits
  • Quit - Close Akeytsu. You will be prompted with a dialog box to handle unsaved modified files if there are any.