Layout, Render & Preferences Menu

The Layout, Render & Preferences Menu offers access to 3D viewport shadings, layouts options, as well as general preferences or shortcut manager.

You can access it by clicking on the button () available at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Shading - Manage the focused view shadings:

Wireframe Shading (Shortcut numpad key "1")

Textured Shading  (Shortcut numpad key "2")

Untextured Shading (Shortcut numpad key "3")

 Lit Shading (Shortcut numpad key "0")

Please note that shading modes can be combined since they can be toggled on and off. Untextured/Textured modes can't be activated at the same time 

Show - Show/hide objects in the focused view:

Joints (Shortcut numpad key "4")

Pivots (Shortcut numpad key "5")

Grid (Shortcut "G")

Layout - Manage the viewport layout:

 Single View: Full camera view.

 Two Views: This layout offers a wide work camera view combined with a little camera check view on the top right corner. Useful when working with animated cameras

 Two Views and Curveboard: This layout offers two camera views on the top and a "3D content free" curveboard on the bottom.

 Four views: Four camera views.

Layout and views size are dynamically adjusted considering the number of stackers displayed in the Timebar.

By using the shortcut "L" you can quickly navigate between your current multiviews layout and the zoomed views (or single views) of each view of your layout. For instance, your current multiviews layout is "Four views". Just put your mouse cursor above a view, then press L and you will enter/zoom this view as single view. Press L once again and you will go back into the "Four views" layout.

Preferences and Shortcut Manager will be broached in the next pages as a separated point.

Hide UI for video recording: Turn off the UI so you can maximize the viewport and show your model animation in a clean, simple way into Akeytsu. Ideal for recording your work with any streaming or recording method (not provided with Akeytsu). You can quickly toggle on/off HiddenUI using the shortcut numpad key "8". Once UI is hidden, you can also use the bottom left arrow  to bring it back

Below are displayed results of each render mode combo :