Mixer Window

The Mixer is the animation layer manager for your current animation.

The Mixer is also the place where you will be able to generate Audio Layers, which will contain one or more audio clips

The Layers are mixed from bottom to top. Meaning that a Layer above will overwrite a Layer below.

The Layer as animation layer (content)

A Layer (or animation layer) is a selection set of keyframable controllers (controllers available for the moment: joints, IK controllers and RF controllers). You may only work on one Layer at a time.

In the Mixer window, a Layer looks like this 

Still In the Mixer, audio Layer looks like so : 

Layer Visibility: Show or hide the Layer (and its result on the animation.

Layer Edit Mode: Activate the Layer Edit Mode to add or remove controllers (in the Picker window) and/or controller channels (in the Transform window). Once entered into the Edit mode, the Picker window displays hammer icons in front of the keyframed controllers and the Transform window displays hammer icons in front of the keyframed channels. 

 Audio Layer Sound: Mute/Unmute the current audio layer

Layer Name: Here you can rename your Layer by double-clicking on it

 Layer Opacity: You can modify your Layer opacity from 0 to 1 by sliding the box.

 Audio Layer Volume intensity : Allows you to fine tune the sound volume of your audio Layer by sliding over the whole icon

Mixer Features

Create Layer: Add a new Layer composed of the selected controllers with a default keyframe (time 0). When you create a Layer, its Edit mode is enabled: it means that you can add/remove channels and controllers by checking/unchecking thecorresponding "hammer" icons in the Picker and Transform windows. Please notice that a created Layer will remain in Edit Mode (hammer icon) until you disable it.

Create Audio Layer: Open the explorer and allows you to pick up an audio file. Then Akeytsu will create a new audio layer. This new layer will have the name of your audio file so you can easily see which layer holds which sound

Duplicate Layer: Add a copy of the current Layer with all controllers, keyframes and color. Name is incremented.

Merge Layers: Merge together the selected Layers. If you select only one Layer, it will merge with the below one. In case you select several Layers, the remaining Layer will be the last one selected. When you merge Layers with opacity <1, result Layer will have opacity = 1 but preserving visual result of blended Layers.

Extract Layer: Generate a new Layer composed of selected (extracted) controllers from the current one. Keyframes are extracted too.

Delete Layer: Delete the selected Layers.