Transform Window

The Transform window is the place to access/edit the channel values.

At the top of the window, you can find the different Transform actions (Reset, Copy, Paste, etc.).

These actions (features) work according to:

  • a selection of controllers (Picker)
  • a selection of keyframes (Stacker/Timebar)
  • an activation of channels (Transform)

How do i activate/select the channels?

  • You activate/select a channel by checking its checkbox ().
  • You activate/select all channels of a transform type simultaneously by left clicking on the large Move, Rotate, Scale, etc. buttons at the left border of the window. Right click will activate/deactivate everything. Middle click will isolate the corresponding checkboxes for Move, Rotate, Scale, IK, Reverse Foot, Blendshapes, and Camera FOV (Field of view).

Below the different Transform actions you can find the x, y, z channels ordered from Move to Scale. You can directly edit channels by entering values.

Transform Actions

Reset Values to Ref Pose (or Bind Pose): Reset the selected channels () to Ref Pose values into Animation mode while the same command resets the selected channels to Bind Pose values into Rigging mode.

Copy Values: Copy the selected channel values (). The command works on and between keyframes (however you need to paste the values on a keyframe).

Paste Values: Paste the previously copied channel values on the current selected joint(s) and keyframe(s).

Paste After: Paste the copied keyframe(s) after the last selected keyframe, therefore adding new keyframes with their timings. In this case again, order matters (cf remark above).

Mirror Values: Mirror the selected channel values to the other side. Our mirroring command is based on our side label convention meaning that the (side) joints must have the following tags in their names : r_/l_/R_/L_ as prefix, or _r/_l/_R/_L as suffix or even right/left/Right/Left anywhere in the name.

Transform Edit Mode

 When the current Stacker's Edit Mode is enabled (), key icons () are replaced by hammer icons ().

According to selected controllers, you may enable/disable keyframing on a channel by clicking ().

Transform Coordinate System Display

 In Rigging mode, you may notice the Transform window can display different coordinate system display depending you are in Bind Pose, Ref Pose or Skin & Check mode:

  • In Bind Pose/Build Pose, channels values are displayed in World coordinates () 
  • In Ref Pose, channels values are displayed in Local coordinates ()
  • In Skin & Check mode, channels values are displayed in Local Relative (to Bind Pose) coordinates ()

In Animation mode, even it is not clearly displayed, the Transform window displays values in Local Relative (to Ref Pose) coordinates ()

Transform Preferences

Copy/Paste IK target color: Copy and paste the IK and Reverse Foot target color (so the interpolation mode related to the target).

Mirror IK target color: Mirror the IK and Reverse Foot target color (so the interpolation mode related to the target).