Character Bank

The Character Bank is the window managing the Character(s) in the current scene.

What is a Character?

The Character () is a very important node, under which all components of an animated model are parented (skeleton, skinned mesh, mesh, IK targets, etc.).

In the Character Bank, you access the different modes/states of the character while in the Tree window, you can see the character hierarchy with its components.

Character Modes

Now let's discover our with three different modes/states:

  • Bind Pose: The Bind Pose is the state of your skeleton at the moment you bind your skinning. It is the dedicated pose to edit your joints/pivots and create IKs or Reverse Feet during the character creation process. When you transform your joints in this pose the mesh will not be affected and remain static.

  •  Reference Pose (or Ref Pose): In Akeytsu, animation keys are computed relatively to a special pose called Ref pose. It is the pose you return to when you reset all joints/all channels on an animation keyframe (Animation Part).Transformations undergone by joints during the animation are recorded (in keys) as differences from the Reference pose. If the Reference pose moves, all the animations move in the same way. Therefore, it also is your starting key pose when you create an animation.

  • Skin & Check mode: The Skin & Check mode is the state where you bind your skinning, edit your skin weights and check the final result by transforming your joints. 

Character Bank Features

Create Character: Add a new character in the current scene. A Build Pose and a Skin & Check mode are created by default. When created, the (last) character node is always selected so you can start building your skeleton

Create Ref Pose: Add a custom Reference Pose to the current character.

Delete Ref Pose: Remove the custom Reference Pose and let the Bind Pose act as Ref Pose 

How it works?

  1. When opening an empty scene, a "Default character" is available and ready to use. This character contains a Build Pose (where you will create/edit your skeleton) and a Skin & Check mode (to bind your skin at that moment).

  2. From now on, you create and edit your skeleton in Build Pose.

  3. Then, go in Skin & Check mode and bind your mesh to your skeleton, the Build Pose is replaced by a Bind Pose. A Ref Pose equal to the Bind Pose is created (both icons are visible on the pose's row). It's the reference pose for the animations. 

  4. If you want or need to set a custom Ref Pose, go in Skin & Check mode, put your model into the desired posing and click on the "Create Ref Pose" button.