Export Settings


Export settings will pop up every time you need to export your work. You can access it directly through Export FBX… part of the Main menu (or using shortcut “Ctrl+E”). Export File format is currently open to FBX only

  • Bake animations: If enabled, your FBX exported animations will be baked with 1 keyframe per frame.

  • Multi-FBX (one file per animation): If enabled, akeytsu will create one FBX per animation of the animbank, named like this : FileName_AnimName.fbx

  • Multi-FBX (one file per character): If enabled, akeytsu will create one FBX per character node of the tree, named like this : FileName_CharacterName.fbx. Please note that both Multi-FBX option can be combined

  • Export without animation: If enabled, Content will be exported without any animation. The character will remain in bind pose.

  • Export camera targets: If enabled, the camera target will be exported with its constraint. Since other DCC handle such constraint differently, you may not recover the exact same animation and level of constraint, leave this unchecked for best results

  • Export Character node (as dummy): If enabled, the Akeytsu's Character node will be exported in your FBX file.

  • Embed Media: If enabled, textures will be in the FBX file, and extracted as temporary files each time you open it. If disabled, a folder named [FBX file name]_FBX_Textures will be created next to the FBX file, containing the mesh textures (and needs to be moved with your FBX file).

  • Use ASCII format: If enabled, your FBX file will be ASCII and not binary, meaning it will be readable with a text editor.

Prefer baked animations to guarantee accurate animations.

- FBX deals with several animation aspects differently than Akeytsu.

- As a result, non-baked FBX exports are not guaranteed to be accurate with Akeytsu’s results, especially (but not only) when blending layers, and during interpolations.

- As of now, non-baked FBX export should only be used as a mean of exporting poses.
If you want accurate animations, you shall use baked export.

- As each frame is baked, the result is guaranteed to be accurate. Just make sure the exported animation is played at a framerate that is consistent with the framerate in Akeytsu.

Known issue when importing baked FBX animations in Unity 3D:             

  • IK feature is useful to lock joint positions (lock behavior when IK targets are in red ‎in Akeytsu) 

  • You know that, in order to export the “lock effect” of your animations, you must set “Bake animations” in akeytsu export settings

  • But, when importing your fbx files in Unity, you may slightly lose the lock effect

    • In fact, by default, Unity compresses animations when it imports FBX files (in order to reduce animation weights); which suppresses some keys and leads to little moves around positions that should be locked…

Suggested solution:

  • To avoid that, you can use the Unity Inspector, and change “Anim. Compression” setting from “Keyframe reduction” to “Off” (then click on “Inspector “Apply” button”)‎.