Rename Tool

  • You can access it by RMB over any rename-able text field of your scene (Picker, Tree, Blendshapes, Anim Bank), then in the pop-up menu : choose “Rename Tool” entry

  • Once opened, you can rename as many texts as you want. Only last activated window will take rename operations in account. To change it, you need to pick your new desired window, and click back on rename tool

  • The rename tool offers 5 text fields, working like so :
    Search for… into your selection : Allows you to target a specific chain of characters. If nothing is specified, every character will be replaced
    Replace with… : Allows you to choose a new name. If nothing is specified, the original name will be kept safe
    Add prefix : Allows you to append a chain of characters in front of replaced/existing name
    Add suffix : Allows you to append a chain of characters after the replaced/existing name
    Number suffix setting : Allows you to add a numbered suffix. This will always come after the “real” suffix setting. You can put a single number, or a number with characters. Increment will always occur on first specified number block.

  • If you do not specify a numbering suffix, then akeytsu will try to number automatically. We recommend to setting up numbering to reach naming convention perfectly.

  • Once you’re done, you can close the rename tool window to free up workspace