Shortcut Manager

The Shortcut Manager allows to customize your own keyboard shortcuts on PC & Mac.

 Reset Shortcut: Reset the current shortcut to the default mapped key.

 Reset All Shortcuts: Reset all shortcuts to default mapped keys.

ActionsDefault Shortcuts
Set spinner in move mode I
Set spinner in rotate mode
Set spinner in scale mode
Play/Stop animationReturn
Go to previous keyframeLeft (arrow)
Go to next keyframeRight (arrow)
Enter/Exit curveboardSpace
Select keyframe & tangent Shift*
Add to key selectionCtrl*
Remove from key selectionAlt*
Move down in picker listDown (arrow)
Move up in picker listUp (arrow)
Select 1st picker controllerHome
Select last picker controllerEnd
Reset valuesX
Copy valuesCtrl + C
Paste valuesCtrl + V
Create keyK
Show next ghost(s)N
Show previous ghost(s)B
Skin Atelier (Painter)
Skin painter A
Painter add/remove modeZ
Painter target modeM
Painter smooth modeR
Painter select modeT
Full paint modeQ
Weights scannerS
Resize paint brushW
Skin Atelier (Vertices Editing)
Bind Start SkinU
Process End SkinC
Duo Skin ModeE
Mirror SkinH
Unbind SkinD
Copy weightsAlt + C
Paste weightsAlt + V
Vertex select modeShift*
Add to vertex selectionCtrl*
Remove from vertex selectionAlt*
Increase vertex selection+
Decrease vertex selection-
Select all vertices*
Invert vertex selection/
Create jointJ
Create IKY
Shading & Display Modes
Display Lit/Unlit shadingNUMPAD 0
Display blendshapes interactive facesNUMPAD 8
Display gridG
Display jointsNUMPAD 4
Display PivotsNUMPAD 6

Display skinning

Display textured and wireframe shadingNUMPAD 3
Display textured shadingNUMPAD 2
Display wireframeNUMPAD 1
Hidden BonesNUMPAD 5
Hide UI for video recordingNUMPAD 9
Layout & Views

Navigate between multiviews layout and single view

Center/focus camera viewF
Force 3D view navigationV
Perspective camera (apply to focused view)1 (top number key)

Front orthographic camera (apply to focused view)

2 (top number key)
Back orthographic camera (apply to focused view)3 (top number key)
Right orthographic camera (apply to focused view)4 (top number key)
Left orthographic camera (apply to focused view)5 (top number key)
Top orthographic camera (apply to focused view)6 (top number key)
Bottom orthographic camera (apply to focused view)7 (top number key)
Single viewF1
Two viewsF2
Two views and curveboardF3
Four viewsF4
File (Main menu)
Close sceneCtrl + W
Export...Ctrl + E
HelpCtrl + H
ImportCtrl + I
New sceneCtrl + N
Open scene...Ctrl + O
QuitCtrl + Q
Recent sceneCtrl + SHIFT + O
RedoCtrl + SHIFT + Z
Save sceneCtrl + S
Save scene as...Ctrl + SHIFT + S
UndoCtrl + Z
Delete Nodes (generic delete)DELETE*

*The shortcut can not be remapped